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Visitor Analysis

Visitors include associations, universities, central institutions, top education integrators in various regions, as well as experts and scholars at home and abroad

Government Administration

Leaders in charge of education informatization related government departments; 
Educational information industry related associations and scientific research institutions;
Leaders of provincial education departments and education bureaus;

End User

Presidents of colleges and universities at all levels
Person in charge of the network center, information technology center, academic affairs office, logistics management office, laboratory management office, library, School of distance and continuing education and other relevant departments;
Front line subject teachers and famous teachers;

Enterprise Linkage Cooperation

Educational information equipment dealers and agents;
Education system integrator;
Education and training institutions and advisory bodies;
Education Publishing Group, Provincial Education Press;
Relevant media of financial investment companies and bidding companies, etc.

46000+ Professional Visitors

100+ Institutions and Colleges Professional Visiting Group

Types of Products the Audiences Focus On


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