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SmartShow Cloud Summit

2020 New Service

At the beginning of 2020, the sudden new coronavirus disrupted all the rhythm. Many people described the epidemic as a "watershed". Some enterprises went to the end and some enterprises ushered in new opportunities.

Although it is still difficult for us to fully understand the overall impact of the epidemic on the entire Chinese economy, with the upsurge of online live broadcasting, we see a glimmer of light in the dark. "Danger" is also "opportunity". At present, we need to seize the opportunity in this explosive period to face difficulties and turn them into opportunities.

We decided to move part of the roadshow link of SmartShow 2020 Channels Long March to online, and launched a series of cloud live broadcasting. The summit will adopt the world's most advanced and highly integrated all media interactive virtual studio form, combining traditional virtual broadcasting with new media graphic packaging, which will be the first (and only) online channel meeting using immersive virtual live technology in the field of domestic education informatization.

We collect solutions providers in nine modules, including interactive classroom, high-quality resource sharing, new curriculum standard and new college entrance examination reform, maker education, steam, innovation laboratory, artificial intelligence and robotics, core literacy of campus culture, and educational digital publishing. We provide a dance platform for you to show. Please observe the post epidemic era from the perspective of educators and entrepreneurs , smart education industry changes and opportunities, while preaching your campus application case.


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