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S·M·A·R·T World EduTech Conference

2020 New Service

S.M.A.R.T World EduTech Conference is derived from the acronym combination of five English words: strategy, methodology, application, reform and technology. The Organizing Committee of SmartShow hopes to build an educational technology ecosystem with a group of like-minded people. It will be an open international alliance based on China, radiating the world, and promoting educational innovation and integration by using educational technology.

Vision and Mission: to become the core force to promote the development of world education technology


All social organizations and individuals at home and abroad who are willing to work together to promote the innovation and development of the education industry through education technology, including but not limited to educational technology enterprises, educational investment institutions, educational consulting institutions, educational media, scientific research institutions and other social organizations as well as experts and scholars, educators, investors, science and technology enthusiasts, innovators, entrepreneurs and other individuals are all of our target members.


Once a year, it is planned to be held in the second week of December every year for two days.

Within two days, members of the alliance can fully carry out in-depth communication and exchange, display learning and social roadshows through the conference. Through extensive links of high-quality resources from all walks of life, they can tap potential value, build a high-quality circle with the joint efforts of member units, and work together to do something with temperature, attitude and height.


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