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Integration Plan

2020 New Service。

Jaspers, a German philosopher, once said, "the essence of education is always a tree shaking a tree, a cloud pushing a cloud, and a soul waking up a soul"; while Luo Zhenyu, a well-known media man in China, also mentioned in his keynote speech "Friends of time" on December 31, 2019, "the essence of education has never been a textbook, not a classroom, but a person lighting up people. "

Coincidentally, at the 6th SmartShow main forum "Smart Education New Ecology Conference and National Education Integrators Summit" on December 5, 2019, we also took "the influence between people" as the core idea of smart education, and put "everyone is a parallel universe emitting light source, and everyone uses their own light to connect the chain of wisdom education ecology" As a core demand to be analyzed, on-site response is strong, praise.

In order to inherit the essence of the sixth session and welcome the arrival of the seventh session, the Organizing Committee of SmartShow intends to invite new and old partners who have been paying close attention to and accompanied SmartShow for seven years to join our "photosynthetic program" and become a member enterprise of the photosynthetic program. As the second Marketing Department of the enterprise, we can help you deeply participate in SmartShow 2020 The production of related publicity contents of the 7th SmartShow - we plan to continue to practice the idea of "light transmission" with our own actions, and work together to let the light of SmartShow and its fellow travelers pass on from generation to generation, and finally shine on each other's dreams like one light surrounding another.



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