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Best Solution

Adhering to the mission of "promoting outstanding campus programs to every school", we will not forget our original intention and forge ahead in order to enable every child in China to receive the most interesting and useful education.


Over the past six years, we have selected nearly 10000 smart campus solutions, and selected nearly 700 excellent solutions for various colleges and universities. The universities cover more than 30 provinces and cities in China, and have made unremitting efforts to quickly overcome the trust gap between brand vendors, integrators and educational institutions. As for the manufacturers behind the scenes who won the "good plan for campus of the year" award, this heavy honor will also inspire them to ride the storm and forge ahead in the future.


In the seventh year of the launch of the "Best Solution", we are determined to re strengthen the principle of "users say that a good solution is a good solution", so that users of good solutions, school principals, front-line teachers and students, will share their real experience and tell stories with manufacturers.



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