China Parades the largest chains of educational IT at 2017 China International Educational Information Summit & International educational IT solutions Expo


News by Guangming Daily, 2017 China International Educational Information Summit & International educational IT solutions Expo( short for Smart show) grandly held the opening ceremony in the morning of 27th, November, organized by the China Association of Education &Technology (CATE) , co-organized by Tsinghua University "Modern Education Technology Magazine”, CATE Online Education Research Center, CATE Technical Standards Committee and undertaken by YASN International Group at the Beijing National Conference Center. With a theme of enlightening wisdom education, promoting future technologies, Smartshow has invited more than 20 experts in the education field from both home and abroad to have presentations on the summit. The expo attracted more than 300 companies who are on the top of the industry to join and exhibit .Moreover, more than 200 news products are released on the expo.

Distinguished guests been invited to present on the opening ceremony include Mr. yuanqing,chow, former vice minister of education,PRC , Mr. Gao Runsheng, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of Ministry of Education, Mr. Yang Zhijian, President of Chinese Association for Education Technology (CAET), Mr. Yuan Si ,Director of the CATE online education research center & Deputy Director of Tsinghua University School Affairs Committee, counselors and other related diplomats from Finland, Bulgaria, North Korea, Egypt, Poland, Malaysia, America,Greek, Japan and Russia Embassies.


leading educational IT thinking shared in Smart show

The summit covers Education+, artificial wisdom, games, tests, wisdom study, data education, new college-entrance exam, innovative leadership, core quality, makers & STEAM all listed studies, gathered thousands of visitors and professionals from the Ministry of Education Department,the China Academy of Engineering(CAE), Chinese Association for Education Technology(CATE), CATE Online Education Research Center, also experts from local and oversea famous schools and enterprises. The topics included, AI, E-learning, long-distance learning, VR game technologies and applications which are all in the frontier in the business, totally an top-level feast of the industry.

In the con-current activity, the founder of the Robot Sofia, Hanson Robotics were also invited to deliver a live speech on the expo interacti and interactive with the audience, which contributed to explore the influence of human wisdom to the development of the Education industry.


Eight new exhibition areas leads the trends of educational IT

The exhibition has an exhibition area of 40,000 sqms, with a total of 278 brands from education informatization and trans-boundary industries. There’s also highlight points on the division of exhibition area this year, the biggest one is "The Eight Major Future Education Development Trend-Specialized Exhibition Area" which was set in the accordance with the needs of schools at all levels from all perspectives in the country, the area focus on the respectively hot spot issues in the industry. Eight partition covers: new college entrance examination reform, innovation laboratory, high quality resources sharing, campus culture with the core literacy, interactive classroom, artificial intelligence and robotics, and customer education and STEAM, education overall dimension of companies such as digital publishing technology solutions.

Interaction experience zone gathered all excellent cases

Besides the Eight-trends Area, there’s also the features interactive experience zone, one of the AD hoc "wisdom education achievement cases exhibiting area", it’s united numerous authoritative units, universities and institutions, it will show good cases from all ages of all dimensions including elementary teaching, higher education, vocational education and specialized teaching.



Besides all round professional exhibition areas, There’s a wisdom education fruits cases exhibition area”has been specialled set up to display excellent cases of education technology from various dimensions of basic education, high education, vocational education, and special teaching , together with all partners from Chinese Association for Education Technology (CAET) Education Game committee, CATE Education Rehabilitation Committee, CATE Wisdom Studying Committee, MOE Research Center for Online Education, Tsinghua University, Xiamen University. This region shows the case of: all dimensions of online education platform, mobile autonomous school construction, colleges and universities and the guest the top design, the internationalization of the remote courses, vocational colleges and universities information construction overall plan, and the vocational education virtual simulation training platform and so on.

With the aim to promote the double-direction communicating between the enterprises and the schools, there’s a section called Outstanding Campus Solutions, which will choose some successful cases to display, and on the exhibition, they announced the results of The Fourth Good Campus Solutions, and the 33 winners enterprises displayed their cases on the Smartshow.

Meanwhile, there’s also an activity called”Smartshow EduWeek”,which organized groups from other provinces come and visit 8 Beijing local demo schools such as Beijing 1st,August Middle School, Beijing No.2 Middle School,Niu Lanshan No.1 Middle School,etc. The schedule such as visiting the STEAM Future Education Center, Innovative Lab, Makers Space, Wisdom Classroom, all gave great contributions to the exchanging ideas in the education methods and exploring IT field.



International insight of Smart show-see all global top level high tech and thoughts in Smart show

Smartshow as one of the global-focused platform in the global education technology development field, “International”is undoubtedly one of the great highlight of the show this year.The show gathered variable famous brands and exhibition groups from Finland, Bulgaria,Egypt,Malaysia,USA,Italy,Japan and Israel. Counselors and related diplomats from seven embassies such as Finland, Egypt, Poland,Malaysia, USA,Greek and Japan also gave their fabulous speeches on the summit.

International guests on the con-current activities also include Japanese Education Ministry Society, The University of Victoria, University of Ghent in Belgium, the United States Hanson Robotics, such companies and other international well-known academic institutions, colleges and universities and the world brand enterprises. Experts from China and abroad sharing their ideas on all the hot issues in the industry such as current situation of the development of the Education IT, education game app, long-distance education, artificial wisdom teaching.All these international elements bring the world to the audiences without them going abroad.