2017 SmartShow—China Future Education Reform Trend

2017 SmartShow—China Future Education Reform Trend

        Abstract: the grand opening of 2017 International Educational IT Solutions Expo (abbr: SmartShow) will be held in Beijing national conference center in December 27th -29th. The upgraded 2017 SmartShow includes 4 pavilions and covers an area of 40,000 square meters, among which, 8 hot display areas show the future education reform trend, characteristic display areas provide high quality display platform for over 400 selected education brands and present cutting-edge information technology products to tens of thousands of colleges.


       China’s education reform has been referred for many years and some related reform policies has been carried out, what proves success and how to effectively copy and continue these successful reform experience will take many years deep exploration. The speed of education reform has slowed down but achieved preliminary results in education reform. Whether you are an education practitioner or hot issues follower, it always worth a shot to explore the global latest technology in education industry. Then, here are some questions: what are the latest education technologies nowadays? Where to find out the results of Chinese education reform? And what does the future education looks like? It is said that we can find the answer in SmartShow.

          Lead industry trend, cast industry results.

          As the first professional exhibition that focus on education informatization, SmartShow sets foot in international perspective and focuses on the latest education technology development, after successfully hold the former exhibitions, SmartShow accumulates much experience and devotes to the common coordination with hundreds of colleges, thousands of education technology companies and hundreds of education institutions, trying to build the professional exchange, demonstration, cooperation platform that linkage education resources at all levels.

       SmartShow not just provide professional exhibition platform, but pay more attention to the docking of multidimensional resources. It also effectively facilitates landing cooperation mode between colleges & companies and integrates education companies with dealers channel, college, trans-boundary, technology, promotion and financing by tens of industry conference activities that cover the whole year and throughout the China.

The showcase of future education reform trend in SmartShow.

2017 is the deepening year for education informatization promotes education reform, and the year of deep integration moment for information technology application in the process of education teaching innovative reform, a new application of a set of education technologies will be deepened in the forthcoming year, the constantly upgrading of education modernization will base on technologies that provided by more brand companies.

 After 3 years hardworking, SmartShow now ranks among the domestic first-class education exhibitions, and becomes the most professional & comprehensive, and the largest scale year-end education and technology feast. As the high quality result of informatization industry, SmartShow has become the first choice for massive education practitioners and followers.

       The new round SmartShow will again present the feast of education technology reform results in 27th-29th November, 2017. This SmartShow sets foot in international perspective, innovative education informatization results display, 8 upgrade exhibition areas planning, all dimensions sharing resources mechanism and other new light spots, together with constitutors, purchasers and users to feel the innovative trend of the future education reform.

 As the biggest light spot, this SmartShow will be divided into 8 upgrade new display areas, they respectively are NCEE based on new curriculum standard reform areas, innovative laboratory areas, high quality sharing resources resolution areas, campus culture and core literacy theme areas, interactive class solution areas, artificial intelligence and robot, Maker Education and STEAM, education digital publication solution areas. This 8 exhibition areas will perfectly unscramble and demonstrate the overall development of the education reform trend, and more likely 8 hot issues that concerned by education units, colleges and practitioners at all levels, and follow national education development principles.

      Industry efforts, multidimensional resources linkage, exclusively create purchase closed loop.


       In accordance with former exhibitions, except the year-end large scale professional exhibition, SmartShow also coordinate with hundreds of authorized cooperative units to create a set of brand activities that concerned by the industry, including SmartShow leaders summit—channel long march, campus good schemes and other widespread and multi-angle industry activities that cover the year period of time, besides, also including industry summit forum, academic seminar, authorized selection contest, college result exhibition show, interactive experience activity, brand promotion and other professional industry activities.

 Multidimensional activities promote exhibitors comprehensively develop and provide more added valued for companies, like product promotion and brand building. For product selection and purchase demand of units at all levels from top to bottom in education industry, SmartShow carried out professional arrangement, resource linkage and typical case sharing to meet the education demand of all levels and regions.

Year-end education and technology feast, industry benchmark shocking experience.

 The grand opening of year-end education and technology feast will be held in Beijing national conference center in December 27th -29th, 2017 SmartShow will inherit the strong point of the former exhibition and will be a better one. Let’s expect such an industry feast—SmartShow together, so in the near future we can create more innovative applications and hold upgrade technology feast.

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