2017 SmartShow-Concurrent Activities


2017 SmartShow-Concurrent Activities

27th-29th November, 2017



Audience Field

Name of Meeting

Cooperative Agency

Brief Introduction   of Content



Main forum of   exhibition

Elementary   education, higher education and education training

2017 China   International Educational IT Solutions Summit Forum and 2018 Education   Informatization Industry New Year Forum

Host: CAET   University Science and Engineering Committee, YASN International Exhibition   Co., Ltd, CAET Technical Standards Committee, Modern Education Technology   Magazine




The main forum of   the exhibition this year is the most authoritatively and academically leading   educational technology forum in the field of education informatization in   China. The forum holds the theme “Welcome China’s future education reform,   informational technology promoting education development”, and will lead the   development trend of educational technology the direction of education   informatization industry application practice in 2018.

1.Heads of the   Ministry of Education, heads of divisions, heads of audio-visual education   houses and education bureaus of national provinces and cities;

2.Headmasters of   primary and secondary schools, frontline teachers, heads of informatization   education;

3.University   presidents and deans, heads of network center and information center of   colleges

4.Headmasters and practitioners   of training institutions


Education assessment

Elementary education   and higher education

Educational Data   Intelligence Assessment Forum


Host: CAET   Educational Measurement and Evaluation Committee

Co-organizer: YASN   International Exhibition Co., Ltd

As the second annual   meeting of CAET Educational Measurement and Evaluation Committee, this   meeting will promote the comprehensive reform of educational assessment   methods and achieve intelligent assessment and education improvement, through   collecting, searching and presenting education data.


1.Heads of the   Ministry of Education, Central Audio-Visual Education Center and Beijing   Normal University;

2.Heads of CAET and   members of CAET Educational Measurement and Evaluation Committee;

3.Heads of education   sectors in charge of education informatization, teaching and research, and   examination, headmasters of schools;

4.Heads and   technical backbones

of leading   enterprises engaged in education measurement, assessment, design and   development


Educational games

Elementary education   and higher education

Summit Forum on   Education and Game Industry Development


Host: CAET Education   and Game Professional Committee

Academic support:   Peking University School of Education

Support Unit: YASN International   Exhibition Co., Ltd

In the fundamental   educational resources collecting plan in 2013, the Ministry of Education   explicitly announced to collect educational games from the society as a   digital resource. More and more companies have been working on the invention   of educational game products, and online education enterprises also take game   as the optimal approach to customers. This meeting will boost the research   and development of educational game and contain the great ceremony of 2017   China Educational Game Works Award.

1.Heads of the   Ministry of Education, Central Audio-Visual Education Center and CAET, heads   of local education informatization promoting department;

2.Headmasters and   backbone teachers of primary and secondary schools and open universities;

3.Heads of   enterprises of online education and educational game industry;

4.Parents and social   personnel interested in educational game


New Gaokao

Elementary education

International   Seminar on Educational Teaching Development and Management Informatization   Application under the New Gaokao Background

Organizer: Beijing   World Information& Information Technology Research Institute,  YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd

This meeting will   fully explore and discuss important problems such as how to improve education   system concerning life experience under the background of new Gaokao, how to   improve the construction of curriculum system, and how to improve core   accomplishments.

Heads of   audio-visual education houses and education bureaus of national provinces and   cities, headmasters of primary and secondary schools, frontline teachers,   heads of informatization education




Innovative   experiment

Vocational education

China Vocational   Education Virtual Simulation Teaching Resources Summit Forum


Host: Digital   Learning Resource Center of National Open University

Contractor: YASN   International Exhibition Co., Ltd

The purpose of this   forum is to discuss and share research achievements and practice experience   of virtual simulation teaching resources construction and teaching   application, and further push forward the deep integration of informational   technology and college experiment and teaching.

Heads of colleges,   video and television universities, and higher vocational colleges, experts of   educational technology industry inside and outside of the country, relevant   enterprise representatives


Maker education of   STEAM

Elementary education

Maker Education of   STEAM Course Construction Seminar


Host: National   Teachers’ Union of Makers, YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Contractor: Shenzhen   Future Education Technology Co., Ltd

Co-organizer: Xidian   University Ningbo Information Technology Research Institute, Shanxi Makers’   Union for Education, Shandong Makers’ Union for Education, Makers’ Union for   Education of Primary and Secondary Schools in Qingdao


The purpose of this   meeting is to discuss the effective solution to the integration of STEAM   education, maker education and class education reform, based on the   conclusion of previous experience of STEAM education and maker education, and   to further improve theoretical research and enrich research results.

Experts and scholars   of maker education, heads of schools, backbone teachers of maker courses,   backbone teachers of discipline, heads of famous maker education enterprises   and special news media representatives


Maker education

Elementary education

Maker·Beijing   Education Development Summit Forum

Host: Network   Education Research Society of Beijing Education Society

Experience sharing   of the establishment of maker among primary and secondary schools in Beijing.

Heads of   audio-visual systems and information network centers of

Beijing district   education commission



New Zhongkao, new   Gaokao and artificial intelligence

Elementary education

Golden Avenue ·Wise   Feast and 2017 Results Commendation of

Intellectual   Education Innovators ' Union


Host: Beijing   Intelligent Education Information Technology Research Institute, China   Intellectual Education Innovators ' Union

Co-organizer: YASN   International Exhibition Co., Ltd, Beijing Iron Eagle Education Consulting   Co., Ltd.



This meeting will   carry out the key research of the K12 Intelligent Education with the theme   “Intelligent Education, Enjoy Future”, and thoroughly interpret the K12   Intelligent Education and its launch. Under the new policies of “New Gaokao”   and “Belt and Road”, the trend of K12 will be presented on the splendid   competition stage. In the era when intelligent education has become an   international consensus, it’s significant to collect wisdom, develop   intelligent education and embrace the future together.

The application of   AI in K12 education and teaching, deep integration of New Gaokao and New   Zhongkao policy and K12 education and teaching